Special Interest Group for Industry: DSMiSIG

The DSMiSIG is a not-for-profit organization and aims to provide a network for people in industry and business who have an interest in applying Dependency Structure Matrix knowledge and modelling to projects and programs in their enterprise.  Our aim is to increase the acceptance and wider application of DSM methods in industry and business for commercial benefit.

DSM has been an accepted method and process for many years in large companies for solving complex problems in planning and managing projects.  DSM is used by these companies to identify and deliver projects at maximum speed, minimized risk, reduced rework and reduced waste.

The DSMiSIG  provides opportunities for its members to communicate and network with experienced DSM practitioners, to discuss issues and topics of interest, to exchange ideas and suggestions and for sharing experiences of working with DSM.

We invite you to join the DSMiSIG by visiting our forum on LinkedIn.

We would also like to hear from you about how you are currently using DSM and how the DSMiSIG could benefit you.  Please take a moment to answer a few questions in our survey, DSM in Industry.

Check out our Roadmap and join to help us achieve these goals! (click on image to enlarge)