BOXARR is the leading solution for ‘Complex Inter-dependent Systems Management’.

Supporting some of the world’s largest organisations, BOXARR delivers truly scalable applications to solve challenges of complex inter-dependencies across data intelligence aggregation; systems design engineering and integration; supply-chain; process management; mission/program planning; joint operations; and knowledge management & transfer methodology.

Supported tasks

BOXARR allows an organization to elicit and analyze networks of dependency from individuals and databases. Its applications include:

  • Mastering design dependencies
  • Planning and communicating complex roadmaps and programs (technology roadmaps, policy deployment, complex bids etc…)
  • Non-trivial scheduling and resource allocation
  • Supply chain design and analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture work with value for money analysis
  • Robust validation and verification
  • Visualization & analysis of other complex dependency networks

Main Features

  • Collaborative modeling and visualization of large, complex boxes and arrows dependency networks
  • Annotated with data and hierarchic group associations
  • Sophisticated roundtrip i/o of data via CSV
  • Addition of user-customized functions that can provide visualizations of KPIs, and even reshape the model in response to derived data
  • Discrete event simulation, schedules, critical path and Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Advanced resource allocation and de-confliction, and Multi-objective optimization

Supported use cases

  • Supply chain visualization, analysis, and engineering on a massive scale (100s of thousands of boxes)
  • System Engineering, from requirements analysis to root cause analysis
  • Process and project re-engineering that can be tuned to specific customer objectives


Ian Poccachard

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