The following organizations and individuals provide consulting services, including the application of DSM methods.

Adept Management Ltd (Coventry, UK)

Contact Person: Paul Waskett

Adept Management deploys its ADePT methodology, comprising process modeling, DSM analysis, scheduling and process control stages, into projects in the construction, civil engineering, and defence sectors. Training, support and full implementation are available. The approach has been implemented on over 200 projects.

AML Technologies (Carlsbad, CA, USA)

Contact Person: John Steele

AML Technologies specialize in scheduling and controlling complex design and engineering projects using the ADePT methodology which has DSM at its heart. Run by the developers of ADePT, AML Technologies’ consultants have experience implementing DSM on projects from $3M to $1.5Bn.

Axiomatic Design Solutions (Boston, MA, USA)

Contact Person: Matt Pallaver

Axiomatic Design Solutions provides training and services for axiomatic design processes. Axiomatic design process technology helps design teams design and develop products and systems.

EOY- New Business Development (Talheim, Germany)

Contact Person: Dr. Evelyn Orbach–Yliruka

EOY New Business Development supports  clients in innovation management and project coordination concentrating on improving understanding, knowledge development and  decision making. EOY focuses especially on the concept and design phase of complex development and engineering projects. The question driven approach is facilitated by the Adept Management Products: ADePT Builder and ADePT Manager. EOY has gained experience in Healthcare, automotive and plant construction.

Lattix Inc. (Boston, MA, USA)

Contact: Frank Waldman

Are you facing challenges because you do not have an accurate blueprint of your system? Take advantage of our expertise and experience in assisting hundreds of customers in analyzing their systems with DSM. In just a few hours or days depending upon the size of your system, Lattix consultants can perform an architecture assessment at your site or via a private web session.  We also provide services to extract dependencies from a wide variety of sources, including text files, log files, Excel spreadsheets, and databases. 

Problematics (Napa, CA, USA)

Contact Person: Donald Steward

Problematics is a management consulting firm developing software so clients can implement DSM methods for managing businesses and product development through greater situation visibility.

Rapid Invention Pty Ltd (Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

Contact: Elke Scheurmann

Rapid Invention is a management consulting and training firm helping managers to implement effective and lean new product/service development and innovation management solutions.  DSM is an essential tool for achieving competitive outcomes at high speed.  We provide training in the use of DSM and the application and integration of this method with other business management tool sets, both through formal courses and through on the job learning in your consulting projects.

RedTeam (Ljungsbro, Sweden)

Contact Person: Professor Mike Danilovic

RedTeam is a knowledge creation and knowledge provider in the area of managing complex systems. RedTeam offers support in problem solving and managing uncertainty in product development regarding organizational design, modularization of systems, product architectural design, and process design in product development.

Teseon GmbH (Garching, Germany)

Contact Person: Dr. Maik Maurer

Teseon GmbH sees complexity management as a source of competitive advantage.  An entrepreneurial spin-off of the Institute for Product Development, TESEON GmbH provides assistance in accessing, understanding and taking advantage of complexity through consulting and software tool development.

Tyson Browning (Fort Worth, TX, USA)

Contact Person: Tyson Browning

Tyson Browning is a management consultant who helps clients customize DSM methods to their particular applications.  He also provides DSM training and workshops.  He has almost 20 years of experience with DSM.