Our Vision

Matrices and spreadsheets have been a common tool in engineering for many decades. Having evolved over time into a formal approach to handle complex systems, DSM has become a popular tool to manage the interdependencies of any kind of system. As such, it allows for the pragmatic modeling and analysis of qualitative models, thus not necessitating detailed descriptions that are often unavailable.

To promote and foster the advances in matrix-based, over the years, the DSM Community has formed. This website is intended to present the cornerstones and results of the work of researchers and practitioners so far.  

It is the goal of the DSM Community to progress the available methods to new problems, to adjust research and tool development to the current and future needs of practice, and to promote the idea of managing the interdependencies in a system.

We see our community as an open forum and we cordially invite you to approach us with ideas, questions and suggestions.