Research Institutions

The following research institutions have conducted research on DSM and related design methodologies:

Engineering Design Center, University of Cambridge, UK

Contact Person: David Wynn

The Engineering Design Center focuses their research under the supervision of Professor P. John Clarkson on two main aspects of managing structural complexity: Change propagation and design process improvement.

Loughborough University, Civil and Building Engineering
Loughborough, UK

Contact Person: Simon Austin

The aim of this research at Loughborough University is to develop and test a planning methodology for detailed building design to allow for the efficient design management and process re-engineering in construction and civil engineering.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Steven D. Eppinger, General Motors Leaders for Manufacturing Professor of Management Science
Cambridge, MA, USA

Contact Person: Steven Eppinger

Professor Eppinger’s research addresses the management of complex engineering projects such as the development of an automobile, aircraft, or telecommunication system using the DSM.

New England Complex Systems Institute

The New England Complex Systems Institute is a non-profit research and education institute developing new scientific methods, and applying them to the challenges of society, mostly based on network science and networks that are found in all kinds of aspects in everyday life.

Technische Universität München, Institute of Product Development
Munich, Germany

Contact Person: Matthias Kreimeyer

The Institute of Product Development under the supervision of Professor Udo Lindemann is focused on researching methodology to facilitate and support the engineering design process. As part of the institute, the research group on Systems Engineering has been working on models, methods and tools to make complexity management more efficient and achievable. The institute is part of the Technische Universität München, which was recently selected as an “Elite-Research Institute” by the Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments.

Texas Christian University, Prof. Tyson R. Browning, M.J. Neeley School of Business

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Contact Person: Tyson Browning

Professor Tyson Browning seeks to apply the DSM to product, process, and organization design and project management. His research focuses on modeling and analyzing complex engineering projects, programs, and enterprises to increase our understanding of how such entities operate.  The goal is to identify insights that will improve their planning and management.

University of Iowa, Industrial Engineering
Iowa city, Iowa, USA

Contact Person: Andrew Kusiak

The work of Andrew Kusiak and his collaborators is focused on computational engineering and all methods that are necessary to support efficient engineering design. Research interests are, among others, data mining and knowledge discovery, computational intelligence, medical informatics and technology, the design of products, components, processes, and systems, and process modeling.