Field of Application

Flow is applicable in any complex, iterative, information-driven process. It is widely used in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) sector (over 200 projects being planned and managed using the tool) as well as the defence, aerospace and manufacturing sectors. It is also used in general business management – another complex, iterative and information-driven process.

Supported tasks

Flow allows complex projects to be defined in terms of the process steps and information exchanges – a powerful ‘project modeling wizard’ enables this in a fast and effective manner. It then allows process sequences to be established using DSM methods, which identify key decision points in any process and areas of iteration. Strategies to decompose or ‘tear’ iteration can be identified and recorded in the tool. Gantt chart representations of the processes can be generated using tools such as Oracle’s Primavera P6. Flow allows constant monitoring and control of process delivery through the production of look-ahead schedules, progress capture, constraint analysis, and issue / action tracking.

Main Features

  • Browser-based user interface
  • Scalable to projects or programs of work
  • Project definition / modeling wizard
  • DSM sequencing and tearing wizard
  • Powerful change modelling and milestone target engines
  • Generate look-ahead schedules to actively manage project delivery
  • Issues and action management and tracking

Supported use cases

  • Process modelling
  • Integrate project stages / phases
  • Change analysis
  • Schedule generation
  • Look-ahead planning / constraint management
  • Issues and action management


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