Field of Application

DSMmatrix is a teaching support tool for the lecturers or consultants engaged in the teaching and training of DSM principles and methods for application in the business and industry environment.  It allows students and novices from all backgrounds to build small projects, enter dependencies and optimize the element sequence in both process and product architectures. They will be able to understand the principles of DSM methodologies and apply what they learn in their working enviroment when using larger commercial DSM tools.

Supported tasks

DSMmatrix has basically three steps

  1. Definition of elements and their required inputs and outputs via an elements table
  2. Definition of dependencies via a SIPOC diagram
  3. Analysis and optimization of the DSM

Main Features

  • Static dependency matrices for the design and analysis of product architectures and organizational architectures, and
  • Temporal DSMs for product design processes, project planning and management and for general problem solving.
  • Supports both clustering and partitioning/tearing steps via one-click clustering and partitioning.
  • Provides hints for appropriate optimization of process architectures.
  • Allows both conventions (input into rows or columns).

Supported use cases

  • Teaching and training support for structured DSM training courses
  • Practicing DSM application by constructing and optimizing small projects after initial DSM tutorials


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