Soley Studio

Field of Application
With Soley Studio you are able to create, analyze and compute huge typed attributed graphs. The tool provides a development environment for domain specific modeling languages. Using graph transformation technology, you can formalize your analysis knowledge into automated workflows. It is easy to repeat analyses, create sensitivity analyses or to run plausibility checks on huge graphs.  

Supported tasks
Soley Studio allows you to bring merge distributed heterogeneous data to a consistent graph database. Powerful pattern matching and workflow automation allows for creating advanced analyses and reporting on engineering data. 
The tool can be used in various fields of applications and professional domains. We used it primarily in systems engineering applications. For example, we modeled and analyzed product architectures of multi-variant products. Another case was in requirements and test case management. Other application fields were analysis of social networks, biological systems, IT-networks, database structures, sales and financial data. 

Main Features

  • Developing your domain specific modeling language that fits best your challenge
  • Creating large dependency networks using graph-based, DSM/DMM modeling and versatile data import functions
  • Automating analysis workflows and make them modular, repeatable and sharable
  • Exporting your results to PDF, PNG, Excel, CSV and other to integrate Soley Studio smoothly into your daily work

Supported use cases

  • Data consolidation of distributed heterogeneous data sources
  • Structural and attribute-based classification and clustering of elements
  • Calculation of graph metrics
  • Pattern matching, similarity analysis, prediction methods
  • Product lifecycle analytics


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