Industrial Use of DSM

The use case of a Market Structure will provide you with an idea how a market can be structured to better understand the competitor situation of a company.

Structuring Automotive Safety Development introduces you to a more complex case how the development of automotive safety applications can be purposefully structured and be made more efficient andtransparent. The use case was made in collaboration with a premium German automotive manufacturer.

The example of setting up teams for integrated automotive development uses different DMMs to collect differrent team competences to constitute cross-functional teams. These help establish a more efficient communication setup in the development of highly integrated products.

The recent book, Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications, contains 44 example applications of various types of DSMs, DMMs, and MDMs from around the world.

There is also the DSM Industry Special Interest Group (DSMiSIG), which aims to provide a network for people in industry and business who have an interest in applying Dependency Structure Matrix knowledge and modelling to projects and programs in their enterprise.