Field of Application

LOOMEO supports the management of complex systems and focuses on the acquisition, visualization and analysis of system architectures. System elements and their dependencies can be represented and manipulated in matrices, force-directed graphs and diagrams. LOOMEO provides significant benefits for the handling of complex products, processes and organizations.

Supported tasks

LOOMEO provides value for the acquisition of complex systems, because different domains of system elements and dependency types can be systematically focused. Once the information about a complex system is on hand LOOMEO allows intuitive representation and manipulation of system components. Based on these possibilities users can carry out system analysis and make reliable decisions in complex environments.

Main Features

  • multiple domain module for utilization of multiple system views

  • matrix and graph modules for representing and characterizing structures

  • algorithm & filter wizard for easy creation of customized analysis

Supported use cases

  • impact & constraint analysis for identification of resulting adaptations and degrees of freedom

  • change prediction for planning system adaptation

  • trace-back analysis for detection of problem causes

  • development of a system’s architecture e.g. concerning increasing robustness

  • characterization of system elements due to their structural embedding

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