Project DSM

Field of Application

ProjectDSM can be used by both novice and experienced project planners and managers in any industry as a general project planning tool for small to medium sized projects.  It has been beta-tested in engineering, product design, business design, service design and workflow/process design projects in both small and large research organizations and commercial enterprises in manufacturing based industries (automotive, defense, polymers, materials) as well as technology based industries (robotics, biomedical devices, environmental and others).

Supported tasks

ProjectDSM guides users through good project planning practice to firstly define project statements, outcomes, constraints and project elements. It can be used for both system architecture and for task based projects using user configurable descriptors and labels.  Project element based resourcing allows budgets to be developed from the bottom up.  Dependencies between project elements and iteration loops are visualized in DSM format and as a network diagram.  What-if scenarios can be used to test which optimization pathway could best reduce time or cost of project delivery depending on the user’s requirements.  Project assumptions that are made when optimizing project element sequences are recorded for targeted assumption verification, risk management and incorporation into the final project schedule.  Software outputs (DSM, dependency map, Gantt chart) are automatically generated and can be used for clear communication with project stakeholders.

Main Features

  • Intuitive windows based application using wizards in common English

  • Automatic project budget development via a resource cost estimation step

  • Sophisticated but simple dependency definition wizard 

  • Problem solving wizard for optimization on project cost, time or reduced iteration complexity

  • Automatic scheduling of task based projects based on task durations, resource availability and optimized DSM sequence which is visualized in a Gantt chart

Supported use cases

  • Project definition

  • Project scheduling

  • Budget generation

  • Project risk identification

  • Dependency visualization


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