Welcome to the new DSMweb.org!

Design Structure Matrix (DSM, also known as Dependency and Structure Modelling ) techniques support the management of complexity by focusing attention on the elements of a complex system and how they relate to each other. DSM‐based techniques have proven to be very valuable in understanding, designing, and optimizing complex system architectures such as those of products, organizations, and processes.

To promote and foster the advances these topics, over the years, the DSM Community has formed. It is the goal of the DSM Community to progress the available methods to new problems, to adjust research and tool development to the current and future needs of practice, and to promote the idea of managing the interdependencies in a system.

We see our community as an open forum and we cordially invite you to approach us with ideas, questions and suggestions.

Structure of this website

There are various sections available on this website:

Understand DSM will grant you detailed insight into what DSM is all about. Tutorials, industrial use cases and further material to familiarize you with the ideas, concepts and capabilities of matrix-based complexity management.

DSM Knowledge will allow you to browse relevant publications and resources on the internet that will enable you to deepen your know-how and understanding on DSM. If you have own publications you would like to share, please also do not hesitate to contact us.

DSM Tools presents the software tools that are available to handle larger structures. There is a variety of software tools available, some of which are commercially available, while others have evolved as research tools.

The International Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Conference is an annual event and a forum for practitioners, academics and researchers, and software developers of DSM-related tools, to exchange experiences, development results, trends, and develop new ideas to complexity management in all kinds of industries from different perspectives. For more information, visit the conference website: dsm-conference.org

DSM Community allows you to gain insight into who is part of the DSM Community and where we meet. It also offers the opportunity to become a registered member at no cost and to keep close to the pulse of DSM time.